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Seta Mandatory & Discretionary grant regulations declared invalid 21st Aug. 2015

On 3 December 2012, the SETA Grant Regulations were gazetted (Government Gazette no. 35940). These come into effect on 1 April 2013. There were many major substantial changes in the new regulations and these may have serious implications for skills development in our country.

Some of the main changes were:

  1. That the mandatory grant to employers is reduced from 50% to 20%.
  2. Any unclaimed mandatory grants must be transferred by the 15 August each financial year into the discretionary fund.
  3. Discretionary grants will mainly be paid for programmes offered by public FET colleges and universities.

As a result‚ these funds could be spent on national skills initiatives that were not related to workplace training.

Labour Court has set aside certain aspects of the 2012 Seta Grant Regulations‚ declaring them invalid!

The Labour Court’s judgment on Friday 21st of August 2015 declared both regulations to be invalid‚ and it set them aside with effect from March 31 2016.

The court found that Mr Nzimande had failed to consult the National Skills Authority as required by law.

The court also ruled that the minister had acted irrationally by reducing the mandatory grant to employers as set out in the Skills Development Act. The minister had exceeded his powers by prescribing that surplus Seta funds be moved to the National Skills Fund.

The minister was ordered to pay all costs of the application, and Seta’s now have a period of about six months to prepare for the return to the previous skills-funding regime effective in March 2016.

Busa said on Monday it viewed the judgment as a significant decision that reinforced the rule of law and that reasserted the importance of workplace skills training programmes in SA.

What Do Facilitators Do

What Do Facilitators Do

In this short video we look at What Do Facilitators Do.


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Role of the facilitator

The role of the facilitator is to make learning easier using a variety of activities and techniques.

The facilitator provides:

• structure
• method
• focus
• energy
• creativity

The facilitator serves as a guide to the learner and manages the process of learning

A facilitator can use a variety of teaching and training methods to develop learners as long as he/she ensures the following basic practices are always evident:

(1) Prepare the learner and the learning environment
(2) Create an environment that encourages learning and that accommodates all learning styles
(3) Make links to prior learning
(4) Clearly defines the learning outcomes
(5) Provide the learner with clear instructions when doing a variety of activities
(6) Implement a variety of learning activities
(7) Make a clear link between the different types of learning activities
(8) Consolidate learning activities by giving feedback to learners
(9) Monitor and evaluate learner progress constantly
(10) Evaluate the learning process, systems and materials
(11) Maintain effective admin systems

Facilitator Competencies

  • The Facilitator is effective in using core methods (distinguishes process from content)
  • The Facilitator carefully manages the client relationship and prepares thoroughly (scoping)
  • The Facilitator uses time and space intentionally
  • The Facilitator is skillful in evoking participation and creativity
  • The Facilitator is practiced in honoring the group and affirming its wisdom
  • The Facilitator is capable of maintaining objectivity
  • The Facilitator is skilled in reading the underlying dynamics of the group
  • The Facilitator orchestrates the event drama
  • The Facilitator releases blocks to the process
  • The Facilitator is adroit in adapting to the changing situation
  • The Facilitator assumes responsibility for the group journey
  • The Facilitator can produce powerful documentation
  • The Facilitator demonstrates professionalism, self-confidence, and authenticity
  • The Facilitator maintains personal integrity

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